How to watch Russia Today for free?

 Many people who goes to Turkey and other countries want to know true information about situation in the World.

This is not a secret that governement often disables alternative information sources such as Russia Today, China, India's and other TV programs.

They are available but often for money.

So many people who wants to know different point of views looks for free sources of those TV channels. And they ask where to watch RT for free.

Fortunatelly, Internet is not closed worlwide. There are many sites that publicates alternative TV channels for free to any people who asks questions.

One of such site is the Televizor media. It provides such channels as RT (Russia Today) from Russia, Network 10 from India and very lovely channel Miami TV from USA.

Using these sources you can always know better what really happens in the World and Why.

So, if You are looking for answer how to watch Russia Today for free - try to use the Televizor Media.

Where to watch RT for free


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